Natural Remedies to Stop Hair from Thinning

Hair thinning or hair loss is a problem that most of us suffer in this changing and polluting environment. There could be a variety of reasons behind hair loss that could range from stress to medications like chemotherapy. However, your genes, age, and unfavorable environment situations are to be blamed as well for your hair thinning problem.

As per researches, normally an individual loses 100 hair on daily basis. It is not a loss that cannot be repaired. With a little care and caution you can mend the health of your hair.

Natural remedies to stop hair thinning are given hereunder:

There are various natural remedies that are available at your home for free to stop hair loss.

  • Check your Combing Habits: Use your fingers to detangle your hair instead of forcefully combing your tangled hair. It is advisable to use a wide toothed comb for detangling. Mildly and gently comb your hair when wet.
  • Massaging your Scalp: For keeping your hair follicles active it is important to massage your scalp regularly.
  • Hot Oil Treatments: Massage your hair with lukewarm natural oils, such as canola or olive oil. This would help in restoring the moisture in the scalp and hair.
  • Use Henna: Rubbing henna on your scalp also help in hair growth.
  • Meditate: Stress is one significant reason behind hair loss, so it is important to meditate and keep distance from stress.
  • Apply Tea Bags: Warm green tea bags contain antioxidants that prevent hair loss and help in hair growth.
  • Avoid Excessive Salt: When you increase the intake of salt in your body, generally the growth of hairs slows. At times you increase salt intake due to anxiety or stress but you should remember that stress is also a reason behind hair fall.
  • Use Herbs: Using herbs like rosemary, thyme, and lavender helps the hair to grow stronger. They also ensure increased scalp health and shining hair.
  • Increase Nutrients: Proper nutrient intake ensures shiny, silky, and strong hair. It would further mean that strong hair would remain attached to the scalp. Thus, it would prevent loosening or thinning of hair strands.
  • Decrease Hair Washing: Regular hair wash could damage hair as well as make them look thinner. Washing your hair in three to four days time would help in getting thicker and longer hair.
  • Visit Your Doctor: If any of the above mentioned tips does not work for you, then it is advisable to fix an appointment with your doctor.

Following any of the above remedies would help in solving the hair thinning problem and getting healthy scalp and hair.

Take Care of Your Feet the Natural Way!

Answer the question honesty! Do you really take care of your eyes, ears, face, neck, nails and hands properly? I am sure everybody would say yes! Now answer this! Do you take care of feet as well? I know this time a plenty of no’s would come up. Our feet too are among the precious organs of our body. Without them we cannot walk and see the beautiful things around. Then how can you afford not to take care of them?

Why you should Pamper Them?

Let me elaborate a little bit more over the importance of it so that you won’t be able to give a lame excuse the next time when you will not care for your feet. We stand for long hours and walk too whenever necessary! All the dust and bad particles present on the roads stick to our feet and make them appear dull and shabby. Because of working habits all the time we tend to develop cracks beneath our feet. While walking we sometimes kick some objects those are lamely lying over the road and hurt our feet. Are these not enough reasons to make you love your feet more? But worry not! Wake up before it gets too late! Start pampering your feet starting today!

What you can do?

Cuddle your feet this way:

  • Once a week indulge your feet into a spa treatment at home only. Dip your feet under the bucket filled with warm water after adding salt to it. Continue it for about 30 minutes. This will easily make you ease out the pain. But do make sure that the water is not that hot as well. After soaking them completely gently massage your feet with any hydrated cream and then drape them into some cotton cloth.
  • Glycerin when applied overnight will surely make your feet supple and fresh the next morning.
  • Always make sure that you wear right size of footwear so that it does not bother you while walking. It will provide you comfort and will not let your toes get squeezed.
  • Walking is best exercise for them. Ensure to have a short and brisk walk every morning!
  • If you have developed cramps beneath your feet then do not ignore it. Apply a foot cream or get a proper treatment done if necessary.

Strictly follow them and get lovely and healthy feet. Promise yourself not to ignore them again!

Reasons You Might Be Putting On Weight

If you don’t get fit into your favorite jeans anymore or you see love handles bulging out from your figure hugging wear, you probably have gained weight.  But then you wonder why?? Why didn’t you watch out before what you are eating and workout accordingly?

Here are some reasons that you are piling on extra pounds and some ways to tackle them…

Stress – Stress is something that plays havoc with our metabolism. If you have slower metabolism you would probably burn fewer calories. There are many people who do over-eating while in stress. For example, women generally crave for chocolates in stress in the hope of feeling better soon.

Tip – Try doing meditation to beat the stress. Take up your hobby like photography, gardening, reading etc and stay busy in them. Also you can talk about your problems with friends and family to feel lighter.

Lack of sleep – Sleep deprivation affects our body system to much greater extent. It makes us feel lethargic and tired and makes us snack more on unhealthy foods which in turn stores fat in our body cells.

Tip – Avoid drinking coffee and tea, two-three hours before going to bed. Shut down T.V, laptop or phone during bed time to make sure that your bedroom is dark and quiet.

Irregular meals – If you are not eating on time due to unpredictable eating schedules or starving it will probably affect your metabolic rate and digestion. When you starve, your body tends to store fats for later use of you may also find yourself eating more to fulfill the body requirements.

Tip – Pack small snacks like salad, sprouts, nuts and sandwiches to munch on throughout the day. You can easily eat all these foods sitting at your desk.

Hidden calories – There are certain food that claims to be diet foods but have hidden calories and preservatives in it. Packaged foods like jams, pastas, soups and noodles should be avoided as they might increase your weight and cause many health problems like water retention.

Tip – Avoid processed food as much as you can, instead go for organic foods, whole wheat, cereal, and whole grain bread.

Medication – Medications for allergies and asthma might make you lose weight if taken for long period of time. Also contraceptives can make you put on that extra weight.

Tip – Ask your doctor for any exercise and diet tips to curb their side-effects.

Get Rid of Baldness Naturally! Follow These Tips!

Is your hair falling gradually? Are you feeling stressed these days and not taking proper diet? If the answer of above asked questions is yes then you might are suffering from hair fall disease that is generally called hair loss/baldness. It has now become a common problem among men and many women also suffer from the same.

Baldness is a state where you hair starts falling very often and it results in an empty patch over your head. It mainly happens because of stress, poor lifestyle, hereditary, bacterial infection etc. For many it becomes a social obligation that finally results into lower self esteem. But worry not! Now you can grow hair naturally!

Follow them:

Amla Oil – Take few dry amla and boil it along with coconut oil. After boiling the mixture let it cool for some time. Apply this every day to get good hair growth. It would stimulate good circulation of blood over our hair and that results into generation of new hair. If lime juice and fresh amla juice is used as a shampoo, it will also prevent hair fall.

Rub Your Scalp – Many of us have a myth that if we rub our scalp vigorously then it will cause more hair fall and let me tell you that it is completely wrong. Yes you should rub your scalp every time you wash your hair. Rub it vigorously till it begins to tremble with the warmth. This practice will make sebaceous glands active and promote good blood circulation. Your hair will grow well after that!

Fenugreek Seeds – Take fenugreek seeds and grind them properly to make a fine paste. Apply the paste over your bald patches and let it dry. Leave it for an hour or so and then wash it off properly. This will prevent further hair loss and help you to get hair where you have lost them completely.

Honey and Onion – Thinking about the strange combination? Well this strange combination is sure to get you desired results. Honey when mixed with onion applied over the affected area provides quicker and effective results. This is for sure an easy way to kick the butt of the problem.

We daily lose some of our hair while we comb and tie our hair. It is a natural process as many doctors say that on an average we lose 100 strands of our hair every day. But if you are developing symptoms of getting more than normal hair fall then do not ignore it! Try these methods out and you will surely get relief!

Simple and Easy-To-Do Steps to Kick-The-Butt of Asthma

It is a known fact that asthma is not permanently curable, but there are certain steps that you can take to minimize the effects of it. It is an acceptable truth that you have to live with it.

But there are certain ways that will assist you in living with asthma easily

1.    Steer clear of dust

Dust is an allergy inducing substance that causes havoc for the asthmatics to maintain a high level of hygiene and keep the rooms dust free. Also if you tend to travel and get exposed to pollution then it is advised to cover your nose and mouth with a hanky.

2.    Keep the fungi at bay!!

It is needed to maintain hygienic conditions as the damp areas in home and around is the prime place for fungi to breed. Therefore keep the place around you dry to avoid the asthma trigger.

3.    Avoid smoking and alcohol

Kicking your habit of smoking and alcohol consumption can help you in averting the asthma triggers.

4.    Avoid flowers

The pollens in the flowers are known to be asthma triggers, thus it is important to avoid the flowers.

5.    No pets please

The saliva, skin, fur and hair of pets are the dangerous triggers for asthmatics. Therefore even if you are not having a pet, check for the birds breeding somewhere around your place!!

6.    Breathe into clean air

Some people are prone to have an asthma attack due to poor air. Therefore it is all the way essential to get the air conditioners serviced regularly. Doing yoga early in the morning or a brisk walk will help you inhale fresh air.

7.    Exercise

Though asthmatics are advised to rest but contrary to that, exercising is of great help to them. A daily exercise and yoga will benefit an asthmatic in building immunity to allergies and boosting metabolism to increase the blood supply to every organ and lose excessive weight.

A loss in weight helps asthmatics to breathe better.

8.    Avoid extremity of emotions

Some asthmatics are victims of non-allergic instincts. These triggers may include extreme emotions as laughter, stress, crying and more. This triggers asthma attack in them. Therefore it is good to avoid the extremes.

Having a light diet, water in regular intervals and regular medical checkups will be of great help in battling with asthma!!!

Give Your Hands A Fantastic Manicure Treatment

Do the attractive nails of your friend make you feel jealous? Now you can simply change the tide by adopting a manicure treatment. Read on to find out what actually it is…

As familiar to many, manicure is a cosmetic treatment meant for beautifying fingernails and hands. You can do this by yourself at home or get it done by a manicurist at his/her spa or salon. The word manicure is originated from the Latin word ‘Manus’ which means hands care.

Why manicure treatment is done?

The main purpose of manicure treatment is to improve the entire look and feel of your hands and finger nails. It is actually meant for cleaning, strengthening, shaping and sometimes dressing up your nails. Also it will improve the texture and health of your fingernails and hands while preventing hang-nail formation. Massage that often follows manicure treatment helps in enhancing the health of your skin by promoting proper blood circulation.

Tools and supplies used in manicure treatment

Some common tools included in manicure kit are:

  • Nail cutters and nail clippers
  • Nail buffers
  • Nail filer
  • Nail brushes
  • Bowl of warm water
  • Cuticle knife
  • Cuticle pusher

Some common supplies included in manicure kit are…

  • Cuticle remover
  • Cuticle oil
  • Cuticle cream
  • Cotton swabs
  • Liquid soap
  • Nail cleaner
  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail polishes
  • Hand and body lotion for massage
  • Hand towels
  • Sanitizing sprays

Procedure to conduct manicure treatment

  1. First of all, with the help of nail polish remover and cotton swabs remove your nail polish.
  2. File your nails to the desired shape with the help of nail filer and nail cutter.
  3. Now put some liquid soap in warm water and soak your hands in it. Follow it for few minutes until the cuticles become soft.
  4. By the use of cuticle remover clean your cuticles.
  5. Rub small amount of cuticle cream on cuticles.
  6. With cuticle pusher, push the cuticles back.
  7. Massage hands with a hand or body lotion.
  8. Now apply base coat on your nails and let it dry.
  9. Apply nail polish by covering them in three strokes.

10. Remove the left out stray marks with the help of nail polish remover.

This is all you must know about manicure treatment. Now it is up to you whether you want to take this beauty treatment at home or at a salon.

Symptoms and Causes of Migraine-How to Prevent it?

Migraine is a painful headache occuring on one side of the head that can persist for hours and even for days. A person who suffers from this kind of headache experiences the feeling of nausea and vomiting all the time. During migraine attacks patients may become over sensitive towards sound and light and remain too irritated. The word migraine has been derived from the French word “Migraigne”. However its occurrence depends on many factors such as gender, age and the type of migraine one is suffering from.

Migraine is a pulsating headache that occurs mostly on one side. Read this article to find out its symptoms, treatment and preventions…

What causes migraine?

Migraine headaches are usually caused due to the changes in the level of a brain chemical called serotonin. Levels of this chemical affects our blood vessels majorly. When they become high, blood vessels constrict and when they fall blood vessels swell.  Migraine occurs when this level becomes low. However fluctuations in serotonin depend on the level of blood sugar and estrogen.

Changing sleep patterns and insomnia are also responsible for triggering migraines. Also, people who consume more caffeine and alcohol and those who are suffering from some kind of physical and emotional stress also suffer from migraine headaches occasionally.

Symptoms of Migraine

Following is a list of possible migraine symptoms…

  • Sweet Food cravings
  • Feeling of nausea or vomiting or both
  • Irritation with strong odors, light and sound
  • Feeling of intense energy followed by fatigue
  • Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety
  • Fever with headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Intense pain on one side of head

How to prevent Migraine?

Try to maintain a record of when and around what migraine has occurred in your case. Once you have identified irritants, they can easily be removed and managed. It is very important to follow healthy diet and regular exercise.  Medicinal practitioners may advice medicines like beta-blockers, tricyclic antidepressants or anticonvulsants to prevent migraine.

What treatments you can adopt?

Some commonly prescribed migraine headache relieving medications are given below…

  • Triptans– One of the most effective medication that relieves from headaches, nausea and sensitivity to light.
  • Anti-nausea– reduces the feeling of nausea and at time stops vomiting.
  • Ergots– Provide relief but not as effective as triptans
  • Opiates– Prescribed to the patients who do not react well to triptans and ergots
  • Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs– these painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen are best for treating mild cases.

All migraine relieving medicines should be taken after a complete diagnosis on the type and severity of migraine symptoms.

Some Ways to Reduce Menstrual Pain

The time of the month when women feel dreadful is the time when they suffer from severe menstrual pain! Well, I am not talking about your average run-of-the-mill menstrual pain but about severe one that keeps you home- obviously, off from works. Yes, more than half of the women in this world suffer from such harsh pain. Are you one of them?

Well, you can’t allow this nature’s rule to take control over your life! It is something you definitely need to deal with so that you can carry on with your day to day activities normally.

Ways to cure menstrual cramps-

Read this article and find out ways to deal best with menstrual pain…

Heat– This is one of the most effective remedy that you can adopt for relieving yourself from menstrual pain. Take some heat on your lower abdomen with a heating pad or some other things hot. Even if you are stuck at work, try disposable ones, they work similarly as disposable ice packs. Or simply try taking hot water shower. It works for most of us!

Pain killers– These are an obvious way to relive menstrual pain. There are many specific pills available in the market today that works greatly. Some of these are Advil, aspirin, Midol, ibuprofen or Tylenol. Take them as directed on their labels. In this way you can stop that severe distraction from your routine track!

Natural Remedies– Also there are many natural remedies that you can try for relieving menstrual pain and even symptoms of PMS. Some herbs that you can use for the same are kava roots, Black cohesh root, evening primrose and milk thistle seed. Take them on every day of your periods for best results.

Laying in the Fetal Position– This may sound crazy but seriously it will relieve you from the menstrual pain. Have you ever noticed a small baby rising up his legs during tummy ache? This is because their body automatically knows what position can help them relax tummy muscles. This formula applies to you as well. I guarantee it will work even better than advil or your heating pad.

Taking Vitamins– Another method that you can take advantage for relieving menstrual pain is the intake of vitamins. You shouldn’t be surprised knowing this, since it actually makes sense. These vitamins are associated with reducing bloating and cramp, so take supplements of vitamin B, zinc and calcium during periods. You can also go for vitamin rich foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables to get rid of that severe pain.

Try these ways and feel happy and easy through your periods.

Fight Common Ailments at Home

You need to attend a party this evening and down with acidity and head ache. The near- by doctor is on leave today and you don’t have time to visit another doctor in town. What to do now? Fret not! There are various methods that can help you fight your problem easily that too without popping pills. From head ache to acidity and from high blood pressure to bloating problems, we have solution for all. Have a look!

How can you treat a Burning Stomach at home?

  • Eat a banana everyday and also drink coconut water 3-4 times in a day. It will help you fight acidity.
  • Suck a piece of Jaggery slowly while keeping it over your tongue. This will help you cure burning sensation.
  • Chop few mint leaves and boil them in water. Drink this after meals slowly.
  • Dip thin strips of lemon in salt. Have it before meals and get rid of heartburn easily.

Ouch! Home Remedy for Headache

  • Eat an apple empty stomach daily every morning. Continue it for a week.
  • Make a fine paste of lemon crust and apply over forehead.
  • Dip your legs in warm water for 20 minutes before going to sleep. Follow this for 2 weeks. You will get rid of chronic headache.
  • Boil ginger powder or fresh ginger in water and then drink it daily in the morning. It helps in curing sinus headache.

Yes, there are remedies for Back Pain as well!

  • Garlic oil can be applied over your back to get immediate relief.
  • Boil tulsi leaves in water and drink it daily. You can also add some salt.
  • Drink lemon juice while adding salt to it and get relief.
  • Massage with eucalyptus oil will also help you fight backache.

Over drunk…Follow them to fight Hangover!

  • Sip on coconut water.
  • Drink a bowl of chicken soup.
  • Add honey to a glass of banana shake and enjoy!
  • Add lemon juice to a cup of coffee but don’t add sugar and milk.
  • You can also drink tomato juice after adding lime into it to stop the urge for alcohol.

Where’s the loo…oops down with Diarrhea!

  • Increase fluid intake that includes salt and sugar.
  • Drink ginger tea to help fight cramps.
  • Mixture of mint, ginger and honey juice can be beneficial.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat rice or daal to help yourself.


  • Have papaya before breakfast every day.
  • Add a spoon of ghee to a cup of warm milk and drink.
  • Squeeze a lemon into a glass of warm water and add 1 tsp honey to it, drink it every morning to fight constipation.
  • Mix honey and plum and eat it.
  • Ginger tea can also help you fight bloated stomach.
  • Mix black salt into ghee and take it every day.

Follow these easy and handy ways to fight common ailments and you are ready to attend any occasion anytime!