Fight Common Ailments at Home

How to Fight Common Ailments at Home

You need to attend a party this evening and down with acidity and head ache. The near- by doctor is on leave today and you don’t have time to visit another doctor in town. What to do now? Fret not! There are various methods that can help you fight your problem easily that too without popping pills. From head ache to acidity and from high blood pressure to bloating problems, we have solution for all. Have a look! This article was originally brought to our attention by one of our avid listeners Rafael Perez, co founder of a roofing company. We know there are many people just like Rafael out there who don’t want to take heavy medicine to make themselves get better. We put together a list of top home remedies for you to review.

How can you treat a Burning Stomach at home?

Eat a banana everyday and also drink coconut water 3-4 times in a day. It will help you fight acidity.
Suck a piece of Jaggery slowly while keeping it over your tongue. This will help you cure burning sensation.
Chop few mint leaves and boil them in water. Drink this after meals slowly.
Dip thin strips of lemon in salt. Have it before meals and get rid of heartburn easily.

Home Remedy for Headache

Eat an apple empty stomach daily every morning. Continue it for a week.
Make a fine paste of lemon crust and apply over forehead.
Dip your legs in warm water for 20 minutes before going to sleep. Follow this for 2 weeks. You will get rid of chronic headache.
Boil ginger powder or fresh ginger in water and then drink it daily in the morning. It helps in curing sinus headache.

Yes, there are remedies for Back Pain as well!

Garlic oil can be applied over your back to get immediate relief.
Boil tulsi leaves in water and drink it daily. You can also add some salt.
Drink lemon juice while adding salt to it and get relief.
Get a better mattress, or a better mattress topper!
Massage with eucalyptus oil will also help you fight backache.

How to fight Hangover at Home

Sip on coconut water.
Drink a bowl of chicken soup.
Add honey to a glass of banana shake and enjoy!
Add lemon juice to a cup of coffee but don’t add sugar and milk.
You can also drink tomato juice after adding lime into it to stop the urge for alcohol.

Increase fluid intake that includes salt and sugar.
“Drink ginger tea to help fight cramps.” As noted by a owner of a roofing companies portland oregon.
Mixture of mint, ginger and honey juice can be beneficial.
Drink plenty of water and eat rice or deal to help yourself.


Have papaya before breakfast every day.
Add a spoon of ghee to a cup of warm milk and drink.
Squeeze a lemon into a glass of warm water and add 1 tsp honey to it, drink it every morning to fight constipation.
Mix honey and plum and eat it.
Ginger tea can also help you fight bloated stomach.
Mix black salt into ghee and take it every day.

Follow these easy and handy ways to fight common ailments and you are ready to attend any occasion anytime!