Get Rid of Baldness Naturally – Follow These Tips

Is your hair falling gradually? Are you feeling stressed these days and not taking proper diet? If the answer of above asked questions is yes then you might are suffering from hair fall disease that is generally called hair loss/baldness. It has now become a common problem among men and many women also suffer from the same.

Baldness is a state where you hair starts falling very often and it results in an empty patch over your head. It mainly happens because of stress, poor lifestyle, hereditary, bacterial infection etc. For many it becomes a social obligation that finally results into lower self esteem. But worry not! Now you can grow hair naturally!

Amla Oil

Take few dry amla and boil it along with coconut oil. After boiling the mixture let it cool for some time. Apply this every day to get good hair growth. It would stimulate good circulation of blood over our hair and that results into generation of new hair. If lime juice and fresh amla juice is used as a shampoo, it will also prevent hair fall.

Rub Your Scalp

Many of us have a myth that if we rub our scalp vigorously then it will cause more hair fall and let me tell you that it is completely wrong. Yes you should rub your scalp every time you wash your hair. Rub it vigorously till it begins to tremble with the warmth. This practice will make sebaceous glands active and promote good blood circulation. Your hair will grow well after that!

Fenugreek Seeds

Take fenugreek seeds and grind them properly to make a fine paste. Apply the paste over your bald patches and let it dry. Leave it for an hour or so and then wash it off properly. This will prevent further hair loss and help you to get hair where you have lost them completely.

Scalp Micropigmentation

“Scalp Micropigmentation is a highly specialized method of introducing pigments to the scalp designed to give the illusion of shadow. The effect of SMP is to resemble a natural buzz cut haircut.” As stated by Anna Kara, a San Diego Permanent Makeup Specialist. SMP may be the solution for you if nothing else seems to be working.

Honey and Onion

Thinking about the strange combination? Well this strange combination is sure to get you desired results. Honey when mixed with onion applied over the affected area provides quicker and effective results. This is for sure an easy way to kick the butt of the problem.


We daily lose some of our hair while we comb and tie our hair. It is a natural process as many doctors say that on an average we lose 100 strands of our hair every day. But if you are developing symptoms of getting more than normal hair fall then do not ignore it! Try these methods out and you will surely get relief!