Reasons You Might Be Putting On Weight

If you don’t get fit into your favorite jeans anymore or you see love handles bulging out from your figure hugging wear, you probably have gained weight.  But then you wonder why?? Why didn’t you watch out before what you are eating and workout accordingly?
Here are some reasons that you are piling on extra pounds and some ways to tackle them…

Stress – Stress is something that plays havoc with our metabolism. If you have slower metabolism you would probably burn fewer calories. A good note, brought to me by a rain gutter repair San Diego contractor is that there are many people who do over-eating while in stress. For example, women generally crave for chocolates in stress in the hope of feeling better soon.

Tip – Try doing meditation to beat the stress. Take up your hobby like photography, gardening, reading etc and stay busy in them. Also you can talk about your problems with friends and family to feel lighter.Lack of sleep – Sleep deprivation affects our body system to much greater extent. It makes us feel lethargic and tired and makes us snack more on unhealthy foods which in turn stores fat in our body cells.

Tip – Avoid drinking coffee and tea, two-three hours before going to bed. Shut down T.V, laptop or phone during bed time to make sure that your bedroom is dark and quiet.

Irregular meals – If you are not eating on time due to unpredictable eating schedules or starving it will probably affect your metabolic rate and digestion. When you starve, your body tends to store fats for later use of you may also find yourself eating more to fulfill the body requirements.

Tip – Pack small snacks like salad, sprouts, nuts and sandwiches to munch on throughout the day. You can easily eat all these foods sitting at your desk.

Hidden calories – There are certain food that claims to be diet foods but have hidden calories and preservatives in it. Packaged foods like jams, pastas, soups and noodles should be avoided as they might increase your weight and cause many health problems like water retention.

Tip – Avoid processed food as much as you can, instead go for organic foods, whole wheat, cereal, and whole grain bread.

Medication – Medications for allergies and asthma might make you lose weight if taken for long period of time. Also contraceptives can make you put on that extra weight.

Tip – Ask your doctor for any exercise and diet tips to curb their side-effects.