Simple and Easy-To-Do Steps to Kick-The-Butt of Asthma

It is a known fact that asthma is not permanently curable, but there are certain steps that you can take to minimize the effects of it. It is an acceptable truth that you have to live with it. I decided to write this article after speaking to an owner of a wedding reception San Diego venue that suffers with Asthma but enjoy being outdoors. I provided this guide to help you get rid of asthma so you can enjoy the outdoors!

But there are certain ways that will assist you in living with asthma easily

1.    Steer clear of dust

Dust is an allergy inducing substance that causes havoc for the asthmatics to maintain a high level of hygiene and keep the rooms dust free. Also if you tend to travel and get exposed to pollution then it is advised to cover your nose and mouth with a hanky.

2.    Keep the fungi at bay!!

It is needed to maintain hygienic conditions as the damp areas in home and around is the prime place for fungi to breed. Therefore keep the place around you dry to avoid the asthma trigger.

3.    Avoid smoking and alcohol

Kicking your habit of smoking and alcohol consumption can help you in averting the asthma triggers.

4.    Avoid flowers

The pollens in the flowers are known to be asthma triggers, thus it is important to avoid the flowers.

5.    No pets please

The saliva, skin, fur and hair of pets are the dangerous triggers for asthmatics. Therefore even if you are not having a pet, check for the birds breeding somewhere around your place!! If you’re a pet lover this might be hard. A quick hack I found out about recently is to have a good dog car seat cover to keep the hair from sticking to your car seats. This works wonders and can help you fight asthma.

6.    Breathe into clean air

A good friend of mine, who is also a top salesperson of class 1 division 2 retrofit lighting, once told me: some people are prone to have an asthma attack due to poor air. Therefore it is all the way essential to get the air conditioners serviced regularly. Doing yoga early in the morning or a brisk walk will help you inhale fresh air.

7.    Exercise

Though asthmatics are advised to rest but contrary to that, exercising is of great help to them. A daily exercise and yoga will benefit an asthmatic in building immunity to allergies and boosting metabolism to increase the blood supply to every organ and lose excessive weight.

A loss in weight helps asthmatics to breathe better.

8.    Avoid extremity of emotions

Some asthmatics are victims of non-allergic instincts. These triggers may include extreme emotions as laughter, stress, crying and more. This triggers asthma attack in them. Therefore it is good to avoid the extremes.

Having a light diet, water in regular intervals and regular medical checkups will be of great help in battling with asthma!!!