Take Care of Your Feet the Natural Way!

Answer the question honesty! Do you really take care of your eyes, ears, face, neck, nails and hands properly? I am sure everybody would say yes! Now answer this! Do you take care of feet as well? I know this time a plenty of no’s would come up. Our feet too are among the precious organs of our body. Without them we cannot walk and see the beautiful things around. Then how can you afford not to take care of them?

Why you should Pamper Them?

After speaking with my good friend we decided to write a post about it.  Let me elaborate a little bit more over the importance of it so that you won’t be able to give a lame excuse the next time when you will not care for your feet. We stand for long hours and walk too whenever necessary! All the dust and bad particles present on the roads stick to our feet and make them appear dull and shabby. Because of working habits all the time we tend to develop cracks beneath our feet. While walking we sometimes kick some objects those are lamely lying over the road and hurt our feet. Are these not enough reasons to make you love your feet more? But worry not! Wake up before it gets too late! Start pampering your feet starting today!

What you can do?

Cuddle your feet this way:

  • Once a week indulge your feet into a spa treatment at home only. Dip your feet under the bucket filled with warm water after adding salt to it. Continue it for about 30 minutes. This will easily make you ease out the pain. But do make sure that the water is not that hot as well. After soaking them completely gently massage your feet with any hydrated cream and then drape them into some cotton cloth.
  • Glycerin when applied overnight will surely make your feet supple and fresh the next morning.
  • Always make sure that you wear right size of footwear so that it does not bother you while walking. It will provide you comfort and will not let your toes get squeezed.
  • Walking is best exercise for them. Ensure to have a short and brisk walk every morning!
  • If you have developed cramps beneath your feet then do not ignore it. Apply a foot cream or get a proper treatment done if necessary.

Strictly follow them and get lovely and healthy feet. Promise yourself not to ignore them again!